Corporate Attorney in Newton, MA

Company Name:
Senior Counsel
The candidate will work under the direction of the Executive Vice President and General Counsel. Responsible for providing a broad range of legal services to the Company. The prime areas of work include contract review and negotiation, compliance, advertising law, legal research and analysis, risk assessment, product safety and consumer product safety, international projects and legal support of new business needs and company initiatives. Work closely with business clients at all levels of management, with colleagues at all levels in the Legal Department, with outside regulatory agencies and outside counsel. Review advertising campaigns, product claims, infomercial claims, and website reviews. Protect the company from excessive risk " expert in risk assessment. Maintain and develop standard contracts, destruction agreements, licensing agreements and assist with ongoing negotiations. New business venture legal and compliance guidance and research. Work as an integrated partner with the business relating to product creation, commercial transactions (reviewing/negotiating contracts with product vendors, foreign manufactures, IP licensors, service providers, etc.), international trade issues (importing/customs), consumer product laws, regulations and issues to ensure product content, composition, packaging, marketing, claims and promotions comply with all applicable laws. Independently assess and complete project-oriented work, collaborating directly with the business on a daily basis. Demonstrated success enabling business goals while mitigating legal risk to company. Approach both current and new legal issues with creative thinking, seeking resolution that is beneficial to the business and legally acceptable. Advise and educate top management at varying levels of the organization on a variety of legal subjects. Oversight and management of outside counsel. Negotiations with other partner legal counsel. Litigation coordination and management (if and when necessary). Provide legal guidance and advice, prepare resolutions and forms, and participate in major legal actions. Foreseeing and protecting the company against legal risks. May lead and direct the work of others. Assist with various legal priorities. Other duties as assigned.

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