Software Engineers

Company Name:
TripAdvisor LLC
POSITION: Software Engineers
POSITION DESCRIPTION: Develop key features on backend and frontend of company website. Develop tools and analytics platforms for website. Specifically, write code at every level, including HTML/JavaScript/CSS UI, Java servlets and backend services, and SQL databases and tools, on Linux platform. Build new features, and ensure products, online purchase path, and tools are simple to use. Document and present designs for peer technical review and take full ownership of projects. Discuss feature requirements and usability issues with product managers and designers. Support partners in developing product and API.
REQUIREMENTS: Employer will accept Bachelors degree in Computer Science. Education or experience must include: 1) Software development process, Scalability and development of code for high-volume websites; 2) Java programming language, SQL database language; 3) Object-oriented architecture and design, using Java, JavaScript, and Python; 4) Linux operating system, shell scripting, and machine maintenance; 5) Developing web pages utilizing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX and other Web 2.0 technologies; 6) Researching new JavaScript libraries; 7) SQL Server and MySQL databases, Programming access via JDBC; 8) Algorithm design choosing and implementing appropriate data structures and algorithms to solve problems, including trees, lists, and maps; 9) Efficiency of different algorithms; 10) Java libraries Open source products such as Lucene search engine; 11) UI implementation for multiple browsers, including IE (multiple versions), Chrome, and Firefox; 12) HTTP and HTTPS protocols, including SSL certificates and public key encryption; 13) XML and JSON data formats; 14) Developing projects using various operating systems, including Linux, and MacOS; 15) Coding best practices, Gathering and analyzing data; and 16) Search engine optimization for websites, Implementation of web crawlers.
Job #: 10173.37
TO APPLY: TripAdvisor Recruiting
Attn: 10173.37
141 Needham St. Bldg. N2
Newton, MA 02464

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