IT Director

Company Name:
Activate Networks
IT Director
Activate Networks Inc Newton, MA
Job Summary:
Maintains and operates computer systems or networks. Installs, supports and manages servers and resolves issues as needed. Installs patches and performs system backups and recovery. Monitors system configuration and maintains data files. Provides support for various off the shelf, customized applications and enterprise wide systems. Provides leadership for less experienced technical staff and works to resolve complex support requests, which have been escalated for technical support. Is responsible to design, implement, maintain and troubleshoot all systems on the LAN/WAN, which contributes to the overall objective of the company ensuring all systems are operational and that computer users are able to do their work in an effective and efficient manner.
Job Responsibilities:
Administer and manage a network server environment comprised of Microsoft and Linux machines including email and backup systems.
Administer and manage a network infrastructure environment comprised of hubs, switches, routers, wireless access points, intrusion protection systems, Internet security systems and end point virus protection systems.
Consults with management and users to discuss system capacity, equipment acquisitions and security requirements.
Works with users, managers, and executives to identify and document system, application or functional requirements.
Troubleshoot systems when experiencing issues by identifying what the problem is and finding a resolution
Stay abreast of latest product upgrades to ensure that all systems software is up to date as possible.
Log all changes made to the network and infrastructure utilizing existing tracking systems.
Provide Help Desk support as needed to 20 local and remote employees.
Required Experience
Strong working knowledge of Microsoft server, Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange systems.
Experience in configuring and running Microsoft DHCP and DNS services.
Experience Setting up, Managing and Administering Linux Systems.
Experience configuring and administering Cisco Routers
Working knowledge of telecommunications systems

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